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The Art of Roughhousing
Guest: Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet

The Importance of Play
Guest: Margaret B. Puckett

Connecting Kids to Nature
Guest:Susan Wirth

Proving the Value of Early Childhood Education
Guest:Larry Schweinhart

Meet Our Two Candidates for President
Guest:Evelyn Moore & Kathy Attaway

Engaging Young Kids in Healthy Eating
Guest:Chef Greg Johnson

The Magic of Using Music With Children
Guest:Dr. Wendy Valerio

How Family Stories Can Develop Character Traits
Guest:Rob Cleveland

An Early Intervention Model for Pre-K
Guest:Virginia Buysse, Ph.D

Dealing With Problem Employees
Guest: Holly Elissa Bruno

Managing Staff Across Muliple Generations
Guest: Debra Trude-Suter

Developing Early Literacy
Guest: George S. Morrison

Understanding Self Initiated Repetition in Infants
Guest: Peter Mangione

Touch Points: 13 Developmental Milestones
Guest: Joshua Sparrow, MD

Teaching to Multiple Intelligences
Guest: Pam Schiller

Using Props as Creative Teaching Tools
Guest: Mary Jo Huff

Enhancing Learning Through Music
Guest: David Kisor & Tom Lottman.

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