Debbie Ferguson Elected New President-Elect for SECA


Dear SECA Members,

It is my pleasure to announce that our new SECA President-elect is Debbie Ferguson from Tennessee. She will officially take office as President-elect on January 1st. Floyd Creech, being his normal gracious self, wishes Debbie the best. He truly wants SECA to succeed and will continue to support SECA by serving on the editorial committee. I want to thank both of these SECA supporters for their dedication to our organization and I look forward to continuing to work with both of them. We will publish this news on our website in the near future.

Jo Carroll

SECA President

From Floyd Creech:

Dear SECA family,
My sincere congratulations go out to Debbie. She will make a dedicated and faithful president. I am very proud of her and have watched her for many years as she a served Seca in a quiet and loyal manner during the conferences. I know that Tennessee must be very pleased to have one of their own as President-elect.
Many thanks for your support.
Floyd Creech

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