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Summer 2015 – E-edition

Summer 2015 – PDF

The SECA Blog

What a Difference Technology Makes

E-Professionalism for Early Care and Education Providers

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Spring 2015 – E-edition
Spring 2015 – PDF
SECA Has Always Been There: Reflections on Play and SECA’s Commitment
Why Do Children Need Recess At School?
The 2013 SECA Exemplary Outdoor Classroom State Winners
SECA’s Commitment to Play and Outdoor Learning: A Wealth of Professional Resources
Winter 2015 – E-edition
Winter 2015 – PDF
Disasters: They Come in All Shapes and Sizes
An Early Childhood Science Lab?
Brain Research: Helping Early Childhood Educators to Meet Learning Standards
Kindergarten: The Forgotten Year?
Handwriting: Is It a Lost Cause?
Fall 2014 – E-edition
Fall 2014 – PDF
The Importance of Professional Organizations
From Your Colleagues: Creating Books from Uncommon Materials
Addressing the Multiple Intelligences of Children
Creative Art
The Value of Being a Member
Summer 2014 – E-edition
Summer 2014 – PDF
Bridging the Digital Divide
Educational Media at Home
Early Childhood and Healthy Adults
Immigrant Children and Pre-K
Pe-K 4: San Antonio
Meet the SECA Presidential Candidates
Spring 2014 – E-edition
Spring 2014 – PDF
Math Predicts Future Success
CLASS Instructional Supports
Students and SECA 2014
Our 2014 SECA Presidential Candidates
QRIS and Children’s Outcomes
From Your Colleagues
Winter 2014 – E-edition
Winter 2014 – PDF
America’s Children: The Changing Demographics
Louisiana’s New Early Childhood System
Beware: Laundry Detergent Pods
From Your Colleague: Supporting Dual Language Learners
America’s Promise Alliance

pdficonFall 2013 – E-edition
Fall 2013 – PDF
Reducing Sodium in the Diets of Children | The Military and Business Community Step Up to the Plate | A New Approach to Professional Development | Getting to School on Time: Another Perspective | A New Professional Development Center | The 2013 Kids State Dinner

Summer 2013
Planting the White House Spring Garden with the First Lady | Streaming Books to the IPad for Children | Classroom Management: Improving Children’s Social and Emotional Skills| Fund for Teachers| Are You Our Next SECA President?
Spring 2013
Creating Confident Writers | Wisdom from the FOSSILS | We Need Writers! | Passing it On | Six Protective Factors: Preventing Child Abuse | Presenting at the 65th Annual Conference
Winter 2013
Investing Early In Our Children | Saying Goodbye and Thank You | Print Books vs E-Books | Young Audiences Arts For Learning | The Campaign For Grade Level Reading
Fall 2012
First Lady Hosts First Ever Kids’ “State Dinner” | Did You Forget? Making Sure Children Are Transported Safely | A Letter to the Editor | Learning Science, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic Outdoors
Summer 2012
Arts and Pre-K: Starting Children on a Lifelong Journey | The Brain and the Arts | And We Thought We Were Just Having Fun! Arts Education Helps Make Those Brain Connections | Arts Education: It’s More Than Having Something to Display on the Refrigerator | Helping Low-Performing Schools: The Turnaround Arts Initiative | Arts Education Resources From SECA
Spring 2012
Meet Your 2012 Candidates for SECA President | State Requirements for Disaster Planning | Why Is a Disaster Plan Important to You? | Planning for Disaster: Where Can I Get Help?
Winter 2012
InfantSEE: Establishing a Lifetime of Healthy Vision for Infants | Connecting Children With Nature: Two Resources for Early Childhood Educators | Transforming Teaching for Today’s Tech Savvy Young Children | Keeping the Past Alive For Our Children
Fall 2011
Children With Deployed Parents: What Can We Do to Help? | Keeping the “Joy of Play” in Your Program | Operation Kid Comfort | Talk, Listen, Connect: Sesame Street & the USO | Coming Together Around Military Families | When the Worst Happens
Summer 2011
Joining Forces: Supporting Our Military Families | Healthy Children Healthy Futures | Let’s Move! Child Care | LA Week of the Young Child is Now a Month! | Cyakabiri School Opens in Rwanda | SECA Awards Do Make a Difference! | Watermelon, Anyone?
Spring 2011
Online Professionalism: Be Careful What Your Share | Online Learning Development: What I Learned | 2011 Friend of Children | The Very Hungry Caterpillar | Baby Educational Media: Does It Really Work?! | SECA Awards Do Make a Difference!
Winter 2011
It’s That Time Again! New Year’s Resolutions Can Be a Learning Experience for Children | Staying Healthy in 2011: Have You Set Your Goals? | Nature Rocks! | Bedbugs! They’re Back! | Bags Not Rags: Could a Project Benefit Your Community?
Fall 2010
Make Time to Talk: How Young Children Develop Oral Language | Green Schoolyards and Playgrounds: Creating Outdoor Classrooms | The Big Help Grant Program: “Million Dollars for a Million Moves” | Invitation from Exchange Magazine | Promise Neighborhoods
Summer 2010
SECA’s Presidential Candidates | Let’s Move | Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution | Television and Young Children | Early Literacy | Honoring the Legacy of Dr. T. Berry Brazelton
Spring 2010
SECA Radio | Listen to Our Presidential Candidates | Health Care Reform | Calories? It Has How Many?! | The Four Day School Week | Project Invest | Teaching Science in Preschool
Winter 2010
SECA Radio | Growing Up WILD | Pre-K Programs and the Middle Class | Bullying | Car Seat Safety
Spring 2009
Quality Counts 2009 | See the Child First | ECA of Florida Adds New Online Courses | Costs of Out-of-School Programs | Funding Classroom Projects: | Elementary Principals Getting a Crash Course in Pre-K Practices | The New SECA Website | Good Oral Hygiene Should Begin at Birth | New Healthy Child Care America Website
Fall 2008
We’re Upgrading the SECA Website! | Meet SECA’s New President-Elect | Drug Companies Say No OTC Cough & Cold Remedies for Children Under 4 | New TEACH Grants Could Be Costly | Sylvan Dell Offers Schools Educational Resource Grants | 2008 Resources for Professionals | Making Books Part of a Healthy Childhood | Sun Safety Alliance and Creme de la Creme Early Childcare Project | Investing in Disease Prevention Could Save SECA States $5.2 Billion
Spring 2008
2008 Conference Snapshots | Want to Know More About Our 2008 Presidential Candidates? | Thank You to Beth Parr | NAEYC Revising Position Statement on DAP | A Review and Response to the Revised NAEYC Position Statement on DAP by the SECA Board of Directors | Other Thoughts From Some Members of the SECA Fossils
Summer 2007
How to Nominate the Next SECA President-Elect | The SECA Editorial Committee | Help SECA Select a New Mission Statement | Student Grants for SECA 2008 | Keeping Children Safe | Free Child Care Provider Resource Kit | Convention on the Rights of the Child | Questions to Ask About Pre-K Legislation
Spring 2007
Meet SECA’s New President-Elect | SECA By-Laws Amended at the Annual Business Meeting | Don’t Miss SECA 2008 | 2006 Annual Report Available | SECA and Assurant Health | Nobody Can Afford to Go Without Health Insurance | Annual SECA Awards Support Our Affiliates & Chapters Throughout the South | Winners of the Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility | Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Programs in the US | Call For Proposals 2008 | Missed the 2007 Conference? | New Web Site Available to Help with Government Benefits | How to Develop New Leaders | Education Week Develops a “Chances-for-Success Index” | What’s Happening in the SECA States
Fall 2006
After the Hurricanes of 2005 | Robin Roberts Selected as the 2007 Friend of Children | The SECA Preschool Math Kit | Program Directors: Education, Salary, and Benefits | Early Care and Education Participation Among Immigrant Families | SECA’s Community Service Project for 2006-2007 | What Do We Know About Public Schools With Pre-kindergarten? | Dimensions of Early Childhood Adds New Feature | Make Sure You Cast Your Vote! | Clean Water Tour Down the Mississippi | The Healing Power of Touch | Protecting Children From a Flu Pandemic | What’s Happening in the SECA States
Spring 2006
From SECA to You | Are You an Unfulfilled Author? | Do You Submit Manuscripts for Dimensions of Early Childhood? | Who Is a SECA Member? | The South Is Changing | Links to Literacy | Why I Want to Be SECA President: Statements from the Candidates for President-Elect | What’s Happening in the SECA States
Summer 2005
SECA 2006 & Nashville, TN | Early Childhood to Graduation: What’s Happening to Our Students? | New On-Line Resource from the Harvard Education Letter | School-Age Notes Is Moving | Investing in Young Children | Florida Facing Challenges with UPK | NAEP Reading & Math Results | What Is Professional Development? | Far Off and Far Behind: Rural Children | Computer Use in Texas Preschools
Spring 2005
SECA 2005 & Dallas | SECA Summit 2005 | Nominate SECA’s Next President-Elect | 2005 Helen Harley Scholarship Recipient | Truths Adults Have Learned | Truths Children Have Learned | From Our Members | Battling Southern Fried Foods
Fall 2004
SECA 2005 | Letter from the Executive Director | Cutbacks in State Assistance | Lifetime Effects: The HighScope Perry Preschool Project | Healthy Virginians | TRUCE Toy Action Guide Available | A Letter to Infant & Toddler Teachers and Caregivers
Summer 2004
SECA 2005 | The US Early Childhood Education Workforce: How Does Our Pay Stack Up With Other Professionals | Letters to SECA | Backup Childcare | Turning a Corner in Parent Education | Division for Development Grants | Redirecting Children’s Behavior | Circle Time Workshop
Spring 2004
SECA 2004 & Daytona Beach | SECA Welcomes New President | Thank You Phil Acord | 2004 Election for SECA President-Elect | Meet the Candidates | Dues Increase Will Support Enhanced Member Benefits | SECA’s Community Service Project | Join Us in Dallas, TX for SECA 2005