Become a Leader





SECA Leadership Opportunities

If you would like to get involved as a leader in our organization, there are many opportunities available throughout the local, state, and regional levels of SECA and its affiliate states. These positions can range from being a committee member of your local chapter all the way up to becoming SECA President –and everything in between!

The SECA Board of Directors is a representative body made up of 17 members. 13 of those board members are elected by their state associations to serve as State Affiliate Representative to the SECA Board and represent their state associations’ interests at board meetings. There is also a President, President-Elect or Past-President (depending on the year), and 2 Members-at-Large. The Members-at-Large are elected by the Board and may be nominated by the membership. These 17 board members work to ensure the continued success of the Association in meeting the needs of its members and the children and families of the South.

If you are interested in representing your state association on the SECA Board or in leading your local or state affiliate in some other capacity, contact that organization to find out how. Each SECA state has its own leadership structure and process by which its leaders are chosen. Contact information for the state affiliate offices can be found on our SECA States page.

Every organization needs good leaders to achieve success, and the Southern Early Childhood Association is no exception. If you believe you have the talents and abilities to help lead the Association, we encourage you to get involved and we look forward to having you on our team!