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Fall 2014 - E-edition

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The Importance of Professional Organizations

From Your Colleagues: Creating Books from Uncommon Materials

Addressing the Multiple Intelligences of Children

Creative Art

The Value of Being a Member


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Summer 2014 - E-edition
Summer 2014 - PDF

Bridging the Digital Divide

Educational Media at Home

Early Childhood and Healthy Adults

Immigrant Children and Pre-K

Pe-K 4: San Antonio

Meet the SECA Presidential Candidates

Spring 2014 - E-edition
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Math Predicts Future Success

CLASS Instructional Supports

Students and SECA 2014

Our 2014 SECA Presidential Candidates

QRIS and Children's Outcomes

From Your Colleagues 

Winter 2014 - E-edition
Winter 2014 - PDF

America’s Children: The Changing Demographics

Louisiana’s New Early Childhood System

Beware: Laundry Detergent Pods

From Your Colleague: Supporting Dual Language Learners

America’s Promise Alliance

Fall 2013 - E-edition
Fall 2013 - PDF

Reducing Sodium in the Diets of Children

The Military and Business Community Step Up to the Plate

A New Approach to Professional Development

Getting to School on Time: Another Perspective

A New Professional Development Center

The 2013 Kids State Dinner


Summer 2013

Planting the White House Spring Garden with the First Lady

Streaming Books to the IPad for Children

Classroom Management: Improving Children's Social and Emotional Skills

Fund for Teachers

Are You Our Next SECA President?
Creating Confident Writers

Wisdom from the FOSSILS

We Need Writers!

Passing it On

Six Protective Factors: Preventing Child Abuse

Presenting at the 65th Annual Conference



Winter 2013
Investing Early In Our Children | Saying Goodbye and Thank You | Print Books vs E-Books | Young Audiences Arts For Learningr | The Campaign For Grade Level Reading

Fall 2012
First Lady Hosts First Ever Kids' "State Dinner" | Did You Forget? Making Sure Children Are Transported Safely | A Letter to the Editor | Learning Science, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic Outdoors

Summer 2012
Arts and Pre-K: Starting Children on a Lifelong Journey | The Brain and the Arts | And We Thought We Were Just Having Fun! Arts Education Helps Make Those Brain Connections | Arts Education: It’s More Than Having Something to Display on the Refrigerator | Helping Low-Performing Schools: The Turnaround Arts Initiative | Arts Education Resources From SECA

Spring 2012
Meet Your 2012 Candidates for SECA President | State Requirements for Disaster Planning | Why Is a Disaster Plan Important to You? | Planning for Disaster: Where Can I Get Help?

Winter 2012
InfantSEE: Establishing a Lifetime of Healthy Vision for Infants | Connecting Children With Nature: Two Resources for Early Childhood Educators | Transforming Teaching for Today's Tech Savvy Young Children | Keeping the Past Alive For Our Children

Fall 2011
Children With Deployed Parents: What Can We Do to Help? | Keeping the "Joy of Play" in Your Program | Operation Kid Comfort | Talk, Listen, Connect: Sesame Street & the USO | Coming Together Around Military Families | When the Worst Happens

Summer  2011
Joining Forces: Supporting Our Military Families | Healthy Children Healthy Futures | Let's Move! Child Care | LA Week of the Young Child is Now a Month! | Cyakabiri School Opens in Rwanda  | SECA Awards Do Make a Difference! | Watermelon, Anyone?

Spring 2011
Online Professionalism: Be Careful What Your Share | Online Learning Development: What I Learned | 2011 Friend of Children | The Very Hungry Caterpillar  | Baby Educational Media: Does It Really Work?! | SECA Awards Do Make a Difference!

  Winter 2011
It's That Time Again! New Year's Resolutions Can Be a Learning Experience for Children | Staying Healthy in 2011: Have You Set Your Goals? | Nature Rocks! | Bedbugs! They're Back! | Bags Not Rags: Could a Project Benefit Your Community?

  Fall 2010
Make Time to Talk: How Young Children Develop Oral Language | Green Schoolyards and Playgrounds: Creating Outdoor Classrooms | The Big Help Grant Program: "Million Dollars for a Million Moves" | Invitation from Exchange Magazine | Promise Neighborhoods

  Summer 2010
SECA's Presidential Candidates  |  Let's Move  |  Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution  |  Television and Young Children  |  Early Literacy  |  Honoring the Legacy of Dr. T. Berry Brazelton

  Spring 2010
SECA Radio  |  Listen to Our Presidential Candidates  |  Health Care Reform  |  Calories? It Has How Many?!  |  The Four Day School Week  |  Project Invest  |  Teaching Science in Preschool

  Winter 2010
SECA Radio  |  Growing Up WILD  |  Pre-K Programs and the Middle Class  |  Bullying  |  Car Seat Safety

  Spring 2009
Quality Counts 2009  |  See the Child First  |  ECA of Florida Adds New Online Courses  |  Costs of Out-of-School Programs  |  Funding Classroom Projects:  |  Elementary Principals Getting a Crash Course in Pre-K Practices  |  The New SECA Website  |  Good Oral Hygiene Should Begin at Birth  |  New Healthy Child Care America Website

  Fall 2008
We're Upgrading the SECA Website!  |  Meet SECA's New President-Elect  |  Drug Companies Say No OTC Cough & Cold Remedies for Children Under 4  |  New TEACH Grants Could Be Costly  |  Sylvan Dell Offers Schools Educational Resource Grants  |  2008 Resources for Professionals  |  Making Books Part of a Healthy Childhood |  Sun Safety Alliance and Creme de la Creme Early Childcare Project  |  Investing in Disease Prevention Could Save SECA States $5.2 Billion

  Spring 2008
2008 Conference Snapshots  |  Want to Know More About Our 2008 Presidential Candidates?  |  Thank You to Beth Parr  |  NAEYC Revising Position Statement on DAP  |  A Review and Response to the Revised NAEYC Position Statement on DAP by the SECA Board of Directors  |  Other Thoughts From Some Members of the SECA Fossils

  Summer 2007
How to Nominate the Next SECA President-Elect  |  The SECA Editorial Committee  |  Help SECA Select a New Mission Statement  |  Student Grants for SECA 2008  |  Keeping Children Safe  |  Free Child Care Provider Resource Kit  |  Convention on the Rights of the Child  |  Questions to Ask About Pre-K Legislation

Spring 2007
Meet SECA's New President-Elect  | SECA By-Laws Amended at the Annual Business Meeting  |  Don't Miss SECA 2008  |  2006 Annual Report Available  |  SECA and Assurant Health  |  Nobody Can Afford to Go Without Health Insurance  |  Annual SECA Awards Support Our Affiliates & Chapters Throughout the South  |  Winners of the Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility  |  Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Programs in the US  |  Call For Proposals 2008  |  Missed the 2007 Conference?  |  New Web Site Available to Help with Government Benefits  |  How to Develop New Leaders  |  Education Week Develops a "Chances-for-Success Index"  |  What's Happening in the SECA States

  Fall 2006
After the Hurricanes of 2005  |  Robin Roberts Selected as the 2007 Friend of Children  |  The SECA Preschool Math Kit  |  Program Directors: Education, Salary, and Benefits  |  Early Care and Education Participation Among Immigrant Families  |  SECA's Community Service Project for 2006-2007  |  What Do We Know About Public Schools With Pre-kindergarten?  |  Dimensions of Early Childhood Adds New Feature  |  Make Sure You Cast Your Vote!  |  Clean Water Tour Down the Mississippi  |  The Healing Power of Touch  |  Protecting Children From a Flu Pandemic  |  What's Happening in the SECA States

  Spring 2006
From SECA to You  |  Are You an Unfulfilled Author?  |  Do You Submit Manuscripts for Dimensions of Early Childhood?  |  Who Is a SECA Member?  |  The South Is Changing  |  Links to Literacy  |  Why I Want to Be SECA President: Statements from the Candidates for President-Elect  |  What's Happening in the SECA States

  Summer 2005
SECA 2006 & Nashville, TN  |  Early Childhood to Graduation: What's Happening to Our Students?  |  New On-Line Resource from the Harvard Education Letter  |  School-Age Notes Is Moving  |  Investing in Young Children  |  Florida Facing Challenges with UPK  |  NAEP Reading & Math Results  |  What Is Professional Development?  |  Far Off and Far Behind: Rural Children  |  Computer Use in Texas Preschools

  Spring 2005
SECA 2005 & Dallas  |  SECA Summit 2005  |  Nominate SECA's Next President-Elect  |  2005 Helen Harley Scholarship Recipient  |  Truths Adults Have Learned  |  Truths Children Have Learned  |  From Our Members  |  Battling Southern Fried Foods

  Fall 2004
SECA 2005  |   Letter from the Executive Director  |  Cutbacks in State Assistance  |  Lifetime Effects: The HighScope Perry Preschool Project  |  Healthy Virginians |  TRUCE Toy Action Guide Available  |  A Letter to Infant & Toddler Teachers and Caregivers

  Summer 2004
SECA 2005  |  The US Early Childhood Education Workforce: How Does Our Pay Stack Up With Other Professionals  |  Letters to SECA  |  Backup Childcare  |  Turning a Corner in Parent Education  |  Division for Development Grants  |  Redirecting Children's Behavior  |  Circle Time Workshop

  Spring 2004
SECA 2004 & Daytona Beach  |  SECA Welcomes New President  |  Thank You Phil Acord  |  2004 Election for SECA President-Elect  |  Meet the Candidates  |  Dues Increase Will Support Enhanced Member Benefits  |  SECA's Community Service Project  |  Join Us in Dallas, TX for SECA 2005