Public Policy

Policy Briefs

These SECA Policy Briefs are designed to help early childhood advocates in the South keep up with the latest legislative changes and their impact the children and families of the South.

New Policy Brief: 

Early Education for All Americans: President Obama's Plan

The political realities of moving the President’s agenda in the South

Health Care

Children's Dental Health 2011
Health Care Reform:  Chapter 5 - Health Care Reform and Early Childhood Programs:  What Does it Mean to Us?
Health Care Reform:  Chapter 4 - The U.S. Senate and the Patient
Protection and Affordable Coverage Act

Health Care Reform:  Chapter 3 - America's Healthy Future Act (updated 10/15/09)
Health Care Reform:  Chapter 2
Health Care Reform: The Debate Begins

Budget & Finance

Early Learning Challenge Fund - A summary of the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009 and how it could affect the early childhood community
Early Childhood Advisory Councils Brief - An in-depth look at the new grant program
State Early Childhood Advisory Council Grants - Allocations to the SECA States. Find out how much your state may receive and how to apply.
The 2010 Federal Budget: The President's Recommendations for Program Terminations and Reductions
American Reinvestment and Recovery Act: A New Opportunity for Coordination and Collaboration
Indirect Cost

Quality & Performance

Quality Counts 2011
Common Core Standards
The State of Preschool 2011: The SECA States
The State of Preschool 2010: The SECA States
The State of Preshool 2009: The SECA States