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Developed by the Leadership Commission of the SECA Board of Directors, the Leadership Letter is an informational e-newsletter that contains articles of interest to persons in leadership roles within an organization.  You'll get tips on how to conduct meetings, what to look for in new leaders, how to more effectively manage your staff, and much more!  Available every-other-month (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov).

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Current Issue - July 2015 - E-edition

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  • Membership Diversity: A Comparison
  • Diversity & the Strategic Plan
  • No One Said It Would Be Easy!
  • Recruiting New Leaders

Past Issues

May 2015 E-edition
May 2015
The Law of the Lid | Two Dimensions of Team Leadership | Characteristics of Effective Teams |  Strengths & Challenges of Team Leadership | Leadership and Change

March 2015 E-edition
March 2015
Fiduciary Duty: What's That? | Board Training | Conflicts of Interest |  Confidentiality | Personal Liability

January 2015 E-edition
January 2015
The Grantmakers’ Perspective  |  Preparing Your Organization for Success | Resources to Help You Find Grants

November 2014 E-edition
November 2014
Assertiveness: Not Anger or Aggression | Assertiveness: A Personal Positive |  Getting Employees to Speak Up | Team Building

September 2014 E-edition
September 2014
Leader or Manager:  What’s the Difference? | Adaptability: The Hallmark of a Good Leader  |  The Changing World of Employee Benefits  |  I’ll Become a Leader, Not Just a Manager!

July 2014 E-edition
July 2014
You’re a New Manager? What Not to Do!  |  Delegating: You’ve Got to Trust Someone!  |  From Treasurer to President: The Same as Buddy to Boss!

May 2014 E-edition
May 2014
Top 10 Communication Skills  |  Conference Calls: Communication Disaster or Success?  |  A Failure to Communicate? Why Did You Leave?

March 2014 E-edition
March 2014
Top 10 Leadership Soft Skills  |  Do You Know About EQ?  |  IQ-EQ--Which is More Important? |  Strategies to Teach Soft Skills

January 2014 E-edition
January 2014
10 Qualities of Great Leaders  |  Leadership Traits  |  Web Resources/Resources from SECA |  Men or Women: Better Leaders?

November 2013 E-edition
November 2013
Five Steps to Planning  |  Where Are We Going and Who Will Get Us There?  |  Resources for Organizational Evaluation |  Avoiding the Pitfalls: The Executive Search
September 2013
Board Conflict  |  What Triggers Conflict?  |  How to Manage Conflict |  Let’s Remain Friends!
July 2013
Staffing Your Association  | Making the Right Hire  |  Keeping Everyone Happy  |  The Employment Contract |  Roles & Responsibilities
ay  2013
Personnel Policies & Procedures: Do We Really Need Those?  | What’s in a Personnel File  |  Independent Contractor or Employee?  |  Form 1099-MISC |  Volunteer Handbooks
  March  2013
Characteristics of Non-profit Organizations | Making a Profit  |  Non-profits and Tax Returns  |  Board Fiduciary Responsibility |  Review or Audit
  January 2013
Essential Skills | Robert’s Rules of Order  |  Effective Board Agendas  |  The Best Board Meetings |  The President & Executive Director
November  2012
Ethical Conduct: Responsible Behavior in ECE | NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct: Core Values, Responsibilities to Colleagues & Community  |  Online Ethics  |  Defining Values & Ethics |  Boards & Ethics
September  2012
Political Campaigning Off-Limits to 501(c)(3)'s | Legal Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards  |  Legal Issues Facing Owners of Child Care Centers  |  2013 Directors Seminar  |  Free Legal Resources for Educators & Caregivers
July 2012
Making the Most of Your Training Dollars | What Does High-Quality Training Look Like?  |  2013 Trainer Institute  |  Where to Find Professional Development in Your State
May 2012
Strategic Planning--Whose Job Is it Anyway? | Put Your Strategic Plan to Work | Connecting the Dots | 5 Elements of a Successful Board Retreat | Questions to Ask When Planning a Board Retreat | Board Orientation Resources from SECA
March 2012
Turn a Micromanaging Board Around  |  Four Challenging Board Personalities  |  Dealing With Board Burnout  |  SECA Board Resources Page  |  Helpful Resources from BoardSource
January 2012
Do You Need a Technology Plan?  |  TechSoup  |  Service-Learning Projects  |  Legal Issues & Technical Volunteers  |  LAECA's Collaborations
November 2011
Motivation is the Key  |   Personal Satisfaction in Leadership  |  Workplace Expectations  |  Understanding Personalities  |  Thanks to Susan Carrigan!  |  2012 SECA Leadership Summit
September 2011
Meeting Agendas  |   Time Management Ideas  |  Prioritizing Tasks  |  Effective Delegation  |  Want to Read More?  |  Delegation Checklist
July 2011
Mentoring New Professionals: ECAO  |   20 Ways to Be a Great Mentor  |  The Many Meanings of "Mentoring"  |  Suggested Reading List
May 2011
Marketing Your Non-profit Organization  |  Creating a Professional Brand  |   "Branding" Tools  |  Getting Your Name Out There  |  Resources for Non-profit Boards  |  Students and Your State
March 2011
Facilitating Board Meetings | Succession Planning and Member Retention | Facilitating Board Meetings/Dealing with Conflict |  Responsibilities of Non-profit Boards | Resources for Boards | Innovative Conferences
January 2011
Leadership Opportunities at the 2011 SECA Conference | Underestimating the Length of a Project | 10 Things that Good Leaders Do | Board and Membership Retention
November 2010
Mythical Thinking | Tips for Non-Profit Boards | How to Make a Keynote Address Your Own | 8 Questions for Potential Board Members | What to Expect from Generation Y
September 2010
Membership: The Power of Voice | Building and Maintaining Membership in Today's Economy | How to Become a SECA Leader | Why Can't Board Members Do What is Expected of Them? | Tips for Being a Successful Leader
July 2010
Motivating and Sustaining Board Membership | Generational Differences | How to Run Effective, Productive, Efficient Meetings | CompassPoint Nonprofit Services | Unpaid Interns, Are They Legal?
March 2010
How to Build Board Strength | What You Missed by Not Attending SECA 2010 | Board Café | Happy, Healthy, Successful Children
January 2010
Conference 2010 | Leadership Characteristics & Traits | Succession Planning | Board Café | What's New in Early Childhood
November 2009
The Secret of Adult Learning Theory: It's Not About Age by Sharon Bowman, M.A.
September 2009
Retaining Board Members | Keys to Guiding Successful Student Groups | Taking Aim on Leadership | Good to Great | Board Cafe | SECA
July 2009
How to Help Staff Manage Their Careers | Ways to Control Stress | Taking Aim On Leadership | Board Café | Louisiana’s Pre-K Program Summary
May 2009
10 Leadership Styles | Student Corner | Cultural and Linguistic Competence | What Do Employees Look for in a Leader? | Board Cafe | Summer Retreat on a Budget | Planning for a Stress-free Summer | Smart Start Oklahoma
March 2009
Achieving the Elusive Work/Life Balance | Slow Down… Let Your Staff Catch Up | Can you Learn to Stay Calm? | Tough Times? Whip Up Free Publicity | A Classic Guide to Dealing with Change | Buff Up Your Emotional Intelligence | Need Candid Answers? Try Small Forums | What's New in Our States?
January 2009
Conference 2009 | The Board Builds Its Sense of Self: Bodybuilding | Resource Recommendation | Board Meetings By Phone: Legal? A Good Idea? | Board Cafe | SECA Information | Leadership
November 2008
Twelve Brain Rules | What Do We Know About Stress? | Resource Recommendation | Keep Your Brain Pumped for Action | Board Cafe | SECA Information | Leadership
September 2008
Improving Your Response to Disaster | Nelson Mandela's Eight Rules of Leadership | Lead With An Authentic Voice | Integrative Thinking Can You Do It? | Board Cafe | SECA Information | What It Boils Down To
July 2008
Leadership Challenge | Speaking and Acting on Behalf of Children | The Leader's Path | Resource Recommendation | Board Cafė | SECA Information | Maybe (Maybe Not)
May 2008
Leadership Quiz | Leadership Quiz Answers | Pick the Positive Version | 10 Good Interview Questions | Resource Recommendation | Ten Top Tips From the Annual LERN Conference
March 2008
Eight  Keys to Leadership Greatness | Before You Join that Board | Do It Now! | The DNA of Good Decisions | Create Inspiration With Your Communication | Resource Recommendation | In Changing Times
December 2007
2008 Conference Leadership Opportunities | Breakfast Meetings: Will Your Group Rise & Shine? | Effective Delegation | Appreciate to Motivate Your Employees | How to Manage Gossip | Resource Recommendation | Polish Your Group's Treasures
August 2007
Involving New Members | Goals and Objectives | Goals and Desire to Achieve  |  Resource Recommendation | Teaching Children to Handle Anger | Resource Recommendation | The Secret to Achieving Goals
June 2007
Managing the Big "D" | Techniques for Managing Time | Consider Diversity Every Time You Speak or Write | Board Training Modules Available | Making Meetings Fun | Embracing Diversity | Supporting New Employees
February 2007
Prepare for Change | Connect with Younger Workers | Workplace Friendships Can Enhance Performance | Sample Motion Form | Leaders and Managers | Leadership Technology | Annual Report and Budget Request Form
November 2006
E-Mail Etiquette | Simple Ways to Increase Meeting Effectiveness | Take Notes on these Useful Speaking Tips | Governing Board Self-Assessment | When Not to Coach
September 2006
Reducing Employee Turnover | Guidelines for New Supervisors | Effecting Planning through SWOT | Layer Your Presentations | Board Orientation | Sample Board Orientation Chart | You Can't Avoid Every Conflict...
July 2006
Self-assessment of Life's Ten Themes | Rekindle Your creativity | Build Careers Instead of Jobs | Recruiting and Retaining Boards | More Effective Meetings | Evaluating the Meeting | Increasing Meeting Attendance

May 2006
Managing the Leadership Maze | Go Ahead, Worry | Open Paths to Growth for Staff | Ready, Set, Confront | Give Your Decisions the Ethics Test | Increasing Meeting Attendance